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How do I make this keyboard stop typing in Russian?

Apparently you just hit alt shift.

Well, after about thirty hours of flying we landed in Bishkek and got to the hotel at just about 4 am. Which means that my time clock is, of course, completely discombobulated. The flight went remarkable smoothly considering that there were 16 of us. What did go wrong wasn't so wrong but really funny. We brought over about 6 wheelchairs for the center, but somehow the airline mistook that all of us needed wheelchairs for mobility, so we got off the plane in Istanbul to change airlines and there were 16 chairs lined up with pushers ready to take us through the airport. They were a little confused when we all walked off the plane on our own power.

So, we're here, and stayed in a lovely little hotel with hobbit sized beds last night. In two days we leave for Karakol to work with our spinal cord injured clients and get a chance to see the country. Today is about taking care of business, which essentially means organizing sixteen people. Which means that I must cut this short, because about 12 of them are done typing in this internet cafe and ready to move on...so until next time....

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Ready Set Fly

In approximately 36 hours I'll be stepping on the first of four long (looonnnnnngggggggg) flights that should lead me and a gaggle of other fledgling physical therapy students to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (That's Keer-gee-stan to all of you not used to such a lack of vowels). I'm not all that sure how often I'll be around internet access, but figured this was the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone while over there, and, it was pretty much my turn to copy the travelerspoint trend.

So as an introduction, here are a few things I'm looking forward to being able to do while in K-country: sitting in a yurt, sampling kumis (fermented mare's milk...okay not all that excited about this one but it is a part of the culture), riding rutted roads in a microbus (apparently European for minivan), working with individuals with spinal cord injuries to try and help increase their independence, seeing if the huge salt water lake Issyk Kul will really make me float, spending time at the center for children and teenagers with disabilities to teach physical therapy, having my world rocked by the cultural experience of a third world country, and having a 3 day layover in Amsterdam on the way home.

I can gurantee that many of those things will turn into an adventure that can only occur when you're trying to travel with a big group of people with fairly strong personalities (who me? no), so stay tuned...

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